For Customers in Australia

We endevour to dispatch your order within 3 working days. For most destinations, you will receive your order in about 2 weeks however, some remote destinations may take a little longer.


Price List

If you order more than one item, please note that additional shipping fee may be added

Up to 500g
Over 500g up to 1kg
Over 1kg up to 2kg
Over 2kg up to 3kg
Over 3kg up to 4kg
Over 4kg up to 5kg 
Over 5kg up to 6kg
Over 6kg up to 7kg
Over 7kg up to 8kg
Over 8kg up to 9kg
Over 9kg up to 10kg
Over 10kg up to 11kg
Over 11kg up to 12kg
Over 12kg up to 13kg
Over 13kg up to 14kg
Over 14kg up to 15kg
Over 15kg up to 16kg
Over 16kg up to 17kg
Over 17kg up to 18kg
Over 18kg up to 19kg
Over 19kg up to 20kg
Over 20kg up to 21kg
Over 21kg up to 22kg


For International Customers

We endevour to dispatch your order within 3 working days.Most destinations worldwide will be delivered to in about 2 weeks, however remote destinations may take a little longer depending on customs regulations within your country.All imported goods are subject to assessment for import taxes and charges even if you imported those goods for your own use.    

Price List

If you order more than one item, please note that additional shipping fee may be added

Up to 500g $15.67 $18.77 $19.39 $20.85 $20.06 $25.46 $26.48 $30.64 $31.01
Over 500g up to 1kg
$28.06 $33.44 $34.79 $38.38 $36.02 $40.19 $41.95 $52.53 $55.40
Over 1kg up to 1.5kg
$34.08 $48.33 $50.35 $50.40 $52.46 $52.54 $54.91 $72.51 $76.63
Over 1.5kg up to 2kg
$39.04 $60.29 $62.45 $62.63 $64.83 $65.05 $68.05 $94.19 $99.59
Over 2kg up to 3kg
$53.47 $72.92 $74.54 $76.20 $77.90 $80.71 $89.17 $111.53 $117.48
Over 3kg up to 5kg
$68.34 $84.18 $86.73 $89.35 $92.03 $98.04 $118.94 $133.08 $140.21
Over 5kg up to 10kg
$87.65 $126.42 $133.68 $137.02 $140.44 $153.01 $156.84 $212.86 $224.45
Over 10kg up to 15kg
$102.77 $150.53 $158.39 $162.35 $166.41 $179.45 $183.94 $285.85 $300.99
Over 15kg up to 20kg
$117.88 $174.64 $183.10 $187.68 $192.37 $205.90 $211.04 $346.29 $364.45


Destination country Zones

Arab Emirates Zone 9

Argentina Zone 9

Austria Zone 8

Bahrain Zone 9

Belgium Zone 8

Brazil Zone 8

Brunei Darussalam Zone 5

Cambodia Zone 5

Canada Zone 4

Chile Zone 9

China Zone 2

Cook Islands Zone 5

Croatia Zone 8

Cyprus Zone 8

Czech Republic Zone 8

Denmark Zone 8

Estonia Zone 8

Fiji Zone 5

Finland Zone 8

France Zone 7

French Polynesia Zone 5

Germany Zone 7

Greece Zone 8

Hong Kong Zone 3

Hungary Zone 8

India Zone 3

Indonesia Zone 3

Iran, Islamic Republic Of Zone 9

Ireland Zone 6

Israel Zone 9

Italy Zone 7

Japan Zone 3

Kenya Zone 9

Korea, Republic Of Zone 3

Kuwait Zone 9

Lao People's Democratic Republic Zone 5

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Zone 8

Malaysia Zone 3

Malta Zone 8

Mauritius Zone 9

Mexico Zone 9

Myanmar Zone 5

Nauru Zone 5

Nepal Zone 5

Netherlands Zone 7

New Caledonia Zone 5

New Zealand Zone 1

Nigeria Zone 9

Norway Zone 7

Pakistan Zone 5

Papua New Guinea Zone 5

Peru Zone 9

Philippines Zone 5

Poland Zone 8

Portugal Zone 8

Qatar Zone 9

Romania Zone 8

Russian Federation Zone 8

Samoa Zone 5

Saudi Arabia Zone 9

Serbia Zone 8

Singapore Zone 3

Slovenia Zone 8

Solomon Islands Zone 5

South Africa Zone 8

Spain Zone 7

Sri Lanka Zone 5

Sweden Zone 7

Switzerland Zone 7

Taiwan, Province Of China Zone 3

Thailand Zone 3

Tonga Zone 5

Turkey Zone 8

Ukraine Zone 8

United Kingdom Zone 6

United States Zone 4

Vanuatu Zone 5

Vietnam Zone 3


International Import Duties and Taxes

Any International Taxes & Duties are payable by our customers. We will select the best methods to minimize costs of taxes / duties / customs & freight wherever possible to make your experience in purchasing our product online as pleasant and convenient as possible.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information relating to the cost of unexpected taxes or duties as these charges vary and are beyond our control.       



Customs Declaration

A customs declaration must accompany all international shipments. We are required to state the value of the goods to customs. This will be as per the order value in AUD. We are unable to mark any order as a 'gift' as we are a retail company.            



Exchange Rate  

International Orders will be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD) as per your order confirmation. The final transaction charge to your account may vary slightly due to moment-by-moment exchange rate fluctuations.             



Liability of AWSM SURF

Please check all your order details carefully before processing your order. We will not take responsibility for any product lost or stolen that is addressed incorrectly due to incorrect information entered on your order form.            



Goods and Services Tax

We are based in Australia and we are required by law to charge Goods and Services Tax on all orders shipped to customers within Australia.            



Privacy & Security

All of your personal data (name, address, credit card number) will be kept secure. We do not sell, rent or disseminate your personal information to other parties.             




Review of Terms

These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time without notice.  Each order or transaction will be governed by the terms and conditions in force upon the date of that transaction.